Aryeh Nusbacher a famous military historian featured in documentaries. She is popular for changing gender from male to female. She was born on 17th December as Aryeh Nusbacher. In she underwent surgery and become Lynette Nusbacher. Lynette Nusbacher is famous for her appearance in documentaries of the History channel. Where she explains military weaponry, gov secret security agencies theories, and strategies. Lynette is been married to Melanie Bright since before she changed gender.

The couple is happily married and together. Both have two kids together of which further details are unknown. She never gives news bites or headlines which might create controversies. Lynette graduated from the University of Toronto in B.

Hons and in History and Economics between In she enrolled for a Leadership program at the National School of Government. Lynette started her career at the University of Toronto in as an administrator.

She worked there till for 6 years. She led financial planning and audit for an infantry battalion. In she served as a division staff officer. In she joined the LMC consultant as a principal and senior consultant. Here she contributed to war studies and operational research until In she was promoted as Head of the Strategic Horizons Unit. She was visiting lecturer at the University of Reading from until Currently, she is the owner of Nusbacher Associates which is a management consultant company.

She writes for Times of Israel and Huffington Post. She has also appeared in various History channel documentaries.

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Aryeh Nusbacher wrote a book in titled The Battle of Bannockburn The book is based on the Scottish war which was fought in It includes weapons, military campaigns, and politics involved during the wars time.OMG I knew it!

It was driving me crazy. I finally had to look it up.

ari nussbaum military channel

I am sorry but it is too obvious. It certainly does not phase me but it is too obvious Talk about a pig with lipstick Lynett Nusbacher is by far the most disturbing thing on television. I have blocked all Discovery Inc channels from my TV. It's too hard to watch these shows after seeing him before he changed his sex. It's just weird and disturbing. I can't help feeling that way. Lol when he was a guy he use to get all passionate about what he was talking about. Now it's like wtf. Coleman Lantern Collectors Corner.

Officer Cadets returned to the elite military academy for a new term yesterday to find pipe-smoking Dr Aryeh Nusbacher is now Lynette. Dr Nusbacher, 40? The US-born professor, married with a young daughter, is still living with wife Melanie and family in nearby Guildford, Surrey. Recent Updates. Lynette started following the work of A. Lynette started following the work of M A Poole. Talks 1. Research Interests 6. Websites 3. Facebook Twitter. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Faculty Member, War Studies. Dr Nusbacher is currently working in the Cabinet Office. Labels: Dr Aryeh Nusbacher. Unknown January 28, at PM. Unknown March 20, at AM. Unknown May 30, at PM. Philoso81 September 25, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Discussion in ' Military History ' started by T. GardnerMar 30, Log in or Sign up to interact with the community.

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Log in or Sign up. WWII Forums. Every time I see this guy on one of those Military Channel or History Channel shows all I can think is that he plays too much Warcraft and gets his commentary from a collection of "coffee table" books bought off the discount table at B.

He just strikes me as one of those intellectually shallow but likable academics who get alot of people in his course because he grades easy. Anyone else have an opinion on this guy? Nevah heard of him. SlipdigitMar 31, Joined: Dec 19, Messages: 1, Likes Received: You reffering to that curly guy who talks as if his audience are 12 year olds??

He tries very hard to make the subject seem dramatic. I frequently scream to the screen that it is no need to since we are talking about war. He is probably interviewed for younger or less interested audiences that go: Gee that sounded fascinating JaegerMar 31, Yep, that's the guy. To me he always sounds like a high school student discussing some aspect of war.

GardnerMar 31, The missus frequently ask me why I bother seeing the documentaries on the telly. All I do is moan about the errors or biased views.

ari nussbaum military channel

Either shut up or put up. I guess she has a point. Joined: Feb 8, Messages: 4, Likes Received: I think that is the guy that was talking about all the tanks I mentioned in my other thread 'Top Ten Tanks'. If he is, because I always record my doco's because I am not home I always fast forward this guy.

TomcatApr 1, Joined: May 14, Messages: 2, Likes Received: Don't forget he is now a she. OwenApr 1, Za RodinuApr 1, I have just looked him up on google, and yep thats the guy Im talking about.

ari nussbaum military channel

They give any one the title of 'Historian' these days. GardnerApr 1, Wait, nevah heard of SlipdigitApr 1, Joined: Sep 19, Messages: Likes Received: Joined: Mar 28, Messages: 79 Likes Received: 7. I won't name him but he allegedly wrote a couple articles for the American Aces newsletter that sounded real familiar.Lynette Nusbacher. Being influential in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender society is not a joke.

Lynette Nusbacher is such rare gem that has already been listed three consecutive times in the LGBT society. Apart from being an influential history nerd, Nusbacher can also be regarded as an author who was a core partner of the blog dubbed Nusbacher Associates founded in She enlightens folks on issues related to new technologies and Cyber Techs.

However, the fame of Lynette Nusbacher soared when ardent fans heard he transformed from a male to a female. The Ph. Aryeh might have been suffering from an identity crisis and had always wanted to be a woman since birth; He finally transformed from a year-old man to a woman in Immediately he perfected her transgender looks, Aryeh changed his name to Dr. Officer cadets were all surprised by the change; they were all confused about the new woman look-alike of Dr.

The cadets were not left alone but also viewers of Military Channels. Viewers assumed the new woman introduced as Lynette looked pretty much like Aryeh. Some presume she might be her sister. Aryeh are the same, and the Military Cadets even gave Dr. Our Nusbacher wiki contains the fact that Dr. Aryeh is born Jewish. The truth is the Maines family is no anyhow connected to Nusbacher. The military expert learned processes of Armies, including intelligence management and intelligence failure from the Royal Military College of Canada bagging Masters Degree in War Studies.

Lynette was born on the 17th of December She is aged 52 as of today and will turn 53 in The Military History Nerd is 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

While studying for his Ph. The couple met in Having dated for almost one year, They walked down the aisle on the 7th of June, and settled in Surrey, England for few years. The exact year of divorce is unknown but it has been over a decade since the ex-couple called their relationship a quit. Nusbacher currently parent two children, a son and a daughter. The two teenage fencers whose names were undisclosed till today lives with their father in Surrey, England. She currently works in a cabinet office lecturing folks on postgraduate Strategic Studies in the University of Reading.

Good for you Lynette. I was always curious about your situation until I saw you on a TV today as a man. I enjoy listening to your narratives on the various history channels.Lynette Nusbacher has been married to Melanie Bright since and they gave birth to twins.

Her spouse supports her in every situation and she has not been affected for her work and passion due to her gender transformation. There is information that they are still living together in Surrey, England. Lynette Nusbacher, whose full name is Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher is an American military expert, author, and historian.

Dr. Lynette Nusbacher

She is a transgender and had transferred her body from man to woman and inspires people to be proud of their identity. In reality, people have seen her as Dr. Aryeh Nusbacher on History Channel. Her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She is Transgender-Female. She belongs to a Christian family.

There is no information about her brother. Her holiday destination is London, her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is Sea Food and she loves to do the shopping and traveling. She worked as an administrator at the University of Toronto from and joined Logistics Officer at the Canadian Armed Forces until She worked as a senior lecturer at The Royal Military Academy from to and also worked as a visiting lecturer at the University of Reading from She also published online via The Times of Israel.

Lynette is 5 ft 6 inches tall and she weighs 60 kg. She has dark brown eyes and black hair. Her shoe size is 6 USbra size is 33B. Her waist, breast and hip sizes are inches respectively.

In fact, she was born male and she changed her gender to female in She transformed herself from Aryeh to Lynette.

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Lynette Nusbacher has got around 3. To know more about early life, education, profession, net worth, awards, social media profile, body measurement of Doug StanhopeKevin Hunter and Tony Dokoupilplease click on the link. Married Biography.

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Lynette Nusbacher Bio. Last Modified October 2, Basic, freedom for you jews, loss of freedom for us 'evil Whites'. Some reference on this 'thing' gives us an idea of the sources that defamate Germany nowadays and tell us what to think. Inside Biography 1 Who is Lynette Nusbacher? Stephen Baldwin. Tags : Author Historian Military Expert. Marital Status:. Married Date:. Birth Date:. Hair Color:.

Opinions on Aryeh Nusbacher

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